Repair kits

Bolt-on-frame solutions for rusted shock mounts
BSS Rear Passenger Shock Mount Reinforcement Bracket
Bolt-on-frame solutions for rusted shock mounts
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Save hundreds on labour costs.

Our repair kit will reduce the total cost of your repair by 75 to 95%.

On Escapes, Tributes and Mariners, rear inner fenders are prone to rust and are extremely hard to replace when rusted out. On the assembly line, they are spotwelded over other thin body panels, along their edges. In turn, those rust from underneath exactly where they meet the fender panel. Thus, welding a brand new fender panel on a rusted body turns out to be a labour intensive option that would only postpone the problem further around. Have a look at our installation video for a comprehensive demonstration.

Our solution is simple.

Our repair approach for rusted fenders and shock mounts is different. Instead of replacing the fender, we’ll guide you through the installation of two components:

  • Our reinforcement bracket ( see our online SHOP ). Made of thick steel, it bolts to the frame to support your shock and reinforce the whole assembly. It is precisely designed for a perfect fit between the shock absorber and the original shock mount on your specific year-model;
  • a fiberglass patch and rubber spray to seal the fender and prevent further rusting (materials can be found in most hardware stores for a few dollars).

The reinforcement bracket can be installed either as a preventive maintenance on a shock mount that is not yet tearing off, or as a repair solution on one that is completely or partially detached, with identical results. Installation only takes 2 hours of labour total per shock, with basic tools and knowledge. That is a huge save on time and/or labour costs.

This problem is extremely common, and our solution is simple. We have been there to help people repair a variety of affected vehicle for years, and now is your turn. Satisfaction guaranteed.



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Two locations to serve you from:

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Model Year Trim Engine
Ford Escape / Escape Hybrid 2001-2012 All All
Mazda Tribute / Tribute Hybrid 2001-2011 All All
Mercury Mariner / Mariner Hybrid 2005-2011 All All


Requires only basic tools.

Using basic tools and knowledge, you can DO-IT-YOURSELF, at home, in your own garage or driveway, in just about 2 hours per shock. Or, bring our kit and instructions manual to your trusted mechanic shop and let them do the rest!

Jacking device

Jacking device

Any car jack and wheel nut wrench.



with cutting disc and wire wheel attachments

Clamping tool

Clamping tool

such as C-clamp vise-grips or any similar tool



with a 3/8’’ metal bit (standard length for soft metals is fine)

Wrenches / Sockets

Wrenches / Sockets

9/16”, 5/8” and other sizes depending on vehicle year-model

Frequently asked questions

My car has severe rust in the fender. Can I still save it from going to the scrapyard?

In some very typical cases, the rust has spread all around the original shock mount, which may eventually tear off completely from the body and look really awfull. In other cases, it remains barely attached, typically in the lower portion of the mount near the frame rail, and is rusted in the upper portion. Rust may spread in other areas in the fender as well, which is very common.

Before the repair, it may look like there is no hope to repair it easily (a lot of rust, teared metal, crumbles falling off), yet it is totally repairable. Consider all this rust can be brushed off, patched with fiberglass, a material that doesn’t rust and that will seal the metal to prevent further rusting.

Do you sell replacement wheel arch panels?

We don’t and we won’t. We have had bad experiences with these as they tend to be surprisingly hard to weld on a rusted body, and doing so would only postpone the rust problem further around. We stick with the bolt-on-frame bracket reinforcement along with fiberglass. It’s easier to install and much tougher on the long run in our experience. Fiberglass doesn’t rust, resists water/salts/debris and by sealing the metal underneath it prevents actual rust from spreading further. Speaking of strength, a simple three-layer fiberglass patch compares favorably to the thin sheet metal that the vehicle is made of. There is just no reason to replace this body panel for the job that it is, in terms of parts cost, installation time, and durability of the repair. It does not outperform an easy fiberglass job, while sealing the wheel arch is something that you will likely end-up having to do anyway.

I don't know much about mechanics. Can I install it by myself?

We guarantee that the installation does not require any sort of advanced mechanical knowledge. If you know how to remove and replace a wheel, how to use a grinder and a drill, most likely you will be able to follow the steps of our easy installation guide without any problems.


If ever you receive the product and feel like you are not able to install our products because it is out of your skill range, you can ask your local mechanic to install it for you OR you can ship it back to us for a full refund without any hassle.